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I am very excited to announce that I am now a Torqeedo electric motor authorized dealer.The Torqeedo line of electric motors has interested me for a long time. For several years I have happily been an electric motor user. Electric motors provide an exceptional experience of low noise, low pollution and easy maintenance. You always know that your electric motor is going to start (providing you still have juice in your batteries). The Torqeedo line of motors is not just your typical trolling motor. Torqeedo has a full range of motors from 1hp equivalent to 90hp equivalent.  I will be...

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My vision for Afloat Marine Supplies is to offer an online chandelier that specializes in excellent customer service, unique products and good value to my customers.  Initially I will be starting the store with a limited number of products and I will slowly build the store as I find products that appeal to me and that I think my customers will appreciate.   My first products are a line of quality crew apparel. I picked these first items because I've personally had excellent experiences with the supplier and I have always been happy with the product quality. It may seem...

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