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John Gardner - A Plywood Pram


Back in 2011 I decided to build a new dinghy. I documented the process in my old Blogger blog and received a lot of positive comments from the posts. I've recreated those posts on this new platform. They look a little different but hopefully the content is still useful. 


Finished pram loaded with the family

After losing my Roar2 (still not sure what happened to it) this past fall, I have decided to build a replacement tender. I looked briefly at buying Zodiac style boat, but thought that would be a bit of a cop-out.

John Gardner Pram

So, I started looking for a good tender design. I enjoyed Jim Mchalak's Roar2 and it was a fun build, and it rowed great, but it wasn't the best fit as a tender since it was long and a little tipsy. After much searching I've come full circle back to a book that I already own by John Gardner called "Building Classic Small Craft: Complete Plans & Instructions for 47 Boats". The plan of interest is "A Plywood Pram" (Page 30).

John Gardner plywood pram

I really like browsing through John Gardner's designs in his book but they really aren't that easy to understand the steps in actually building the boats. (what can you expect when you get 46 plans in a $20 book.) I have a feeling that there will be a fair amount of figuring-out that will be required throughout this build. Rather than everyone having to go through the same figuring-out during their build, I'm going to document the build in a fair amount of detail in the hopes that it will make somebody else's life easier if they take on the same project.

So, grab a copy of the book, and follow along in my build. Hopefully it will get you through your own as well.

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Step 1: Build the jig

Step 8:  Exterior finishing



Next Step



The Torqeedo Travel 1003 is the perfect motor to push this Pram at hull speed. If you find these posts useful, please support my shop by buying your Torqeedo here.

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