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Pram build - Step 8 - Exterior finishing


Once the interior was finished I flipped the boat back over and finished the exterior.


The first task for the exterior finishing were the runners. I made these out of 3/4 x 3/4 strips of spruce. I used the dimensions on the plans to space them out, applied epoxy and screwed them into the frame pieces.


Once the epoxy cured I used a plan to share the front edge of the runners so that they slopped flush at the front edge.


I finished up sanding, filling, sanding, filling and more sanding until the bottom was fair and smooth.


I applied the same primer and yellow boat paint to the bottom of the boat. I used 3 coats of paint.


I applied a name to the back (because every boat deserves a name!) using black paint. I chose the name Mâthos since my sailboat is named Salammbô and Mâthos was her lover.


Once dry I fitted the remaining hardware (cleats and oarlocks) as well as adding a bump rail to the gunwales. For the bump rail I used 1" rope tie wrapped to the gunwales.


Check out my follow-up post about using the Pram with my Torqeedo 1003.

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