Spade Anchors

Stainless steel Spade Anchor

The top sources in the world love Spade Anchors, and so will you!

"Best Choice" - Practical Sailor, Feb. 2013

"Highest Overall Rating" - Practical Boat Owner, Aug 2011

"Superb Anchor" - Yachting Times, July 2011

"When Hurricane Irene hit, we slept like babies" - S/V Drake

"85 mph winds, it never moved an inch, during Hurricane Joaquin" - S/Y Little Sister

"Hurricane Ivan, in the morning the only boats left was mine and one other boat using a Spade Anchor...25 boats were not there" - S/Y Man

"Spade fans for life! I can not imagine a better anchor than our Spade" - Chad Carvey, Pres. Seven Seas Cruising Association

Spade Anchors are the best anchors in the world. Test after test, story after story, they prove themselves in the real world.

Certified "Very High Holding Power" by Bureau Veritas, you can be confident that your Spade Anchor will perform.

See our sizing guide for detailed information about anchor sizing.

More information from the manufacturer.

Download Spade dimensions chart for reference or printing.